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CCD15 Patches 

Attention scouts! I Love A Clean San Diego provides patches for free to Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers. To request patches for your troop, visit this site after the cleanup on September 19th to complete our digital order form. The form will be available for 2 weeks after the event. You can choose to either pick the patches up from our office in Point Loma or have them mailed to you.

Check out this year's patch below--our new logo!


2015 Bling Your Bucket Contest
Once again, I Love A Clean San Diego will be hosting the Bling Your Bucket contest. This art contest is open to volunteers of all ages and encourages people to use their creativity and imagination to learn why it is important to keep our beaches, bays and waterways clean! Decorate a bucket, use that bucket instead of a single-use plastic bag at Coastal Cleanup Day, and send us a photo to enter. More details available here. Winners will be announced after the event, and the winning photos will be displayed on this website for a year!

2014 Bling Your Bucket Winners!

Thank you to all volunteers that submitted entries into the 2014 Bling Your Bucket contest for Coastal Cleanup Day.  I Love A Clean San Diego greatly appreciates all participants that set a positive example and reduced and reused at Coastal Cleanup Day!  Winners are displayed below.  Congratulations to our 2014 winners!



For winners from the 2013 Bling Your Bucket contest, click here.

Create Your Own Sand Sifter

In addition to decorating your own bucket, you can further emphasize REUSE by decorating your own milk jug to use at the cleanup.  You can simply decorate and bring a milk jug, or create your own milk jug sand sifter to remove the smaller pieces of plastic and those pesky cigarette butts out of the sand at your cleanup site.  Help us practice the 3 R's, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse at this year's Coastal Cleanup Day by following the milk jug sand sifter project below.

  1. Plastic milk gallon or water jug winner_4.2
  2. Duct tape
  3. Scissors
  4. One piece of window screen (most hardware stores have screen)
  1. Wash and dry plastic jug
  2. Cut off the top of the jug in an oval shape without cutting off the jug's handle. It is best to cut the jug on a stable surface to prevent any accidents.
  3. Place the 6x6 inch screen on top of the hole. Carefully tape the screen with duct tape to the jug, securing the screen as tightly as possible to the jug.
  4. Cut out the bottom of the jug and put tape around all the edges. (To cover all sharp edges)
  5. Clean the beach! You are now ready to filter small bits of plastic, cigarette butts and other kinds of plastic by scooping sand and sifting it through the wire screen. You can now find all the trash hidden in the sand!
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